Friday, January 13, 2006

spicy bolivian butterbean soup

since we still haven't moved in to our new home, i am doing a lot more eating out in london than cooking. the kitchen in our temp flat is not very inspiring, to say the least!

it isn't terribly cold in london these days (8 degrees C, 50 degrees F) but it's chilly enough to crave soup all the time, especially at lunch. one of my colleagues introduced me to this lovely soup kitchen called nusa located in clerkenwell, about a ten minute walk from work. nusa offers unusual soups like goan chickpeas and spinach, root vegetable and spicy bolivian butterbean. i was intrigued by the bolivian soup so tried it at lunch today. it was just delicious. the butterbeans were cooked to perfection in a spicy tomato broth. they also provided the necessary protein to a light meal. all nusa soups come wth a generous portion of freshly baked pita bread with sesame and kalonji seeds.

butterbean is another name for lima bean. it is of andean and mesoamerican origin. perhaps, sury or cesar who write the lovely blog lima (beans) and delhi cha(a)t can tell us more about these beans!

nusa kitchen
9 old street
london ec1 9hl
020 7253 3135


Blogger artismarti said...

Hello! Just stumbled across your blog & being a foodie, enjoyed reading it. We seem to share a few things in common (other than our love for food!). 1) I am also from Bombay (I'm assuming you are as well) 2) I lived in the East Coast (suburbs of Boston) for about 3 years & then 3) moved to London.
Kindred spirits, I believe.

I live in North London, btw.


5:45 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

hi arti!
nice to meet you. yup, i'm from bombay and lived in new york before moving to london. i lived in san francisco before that. i'm super excited to be in london. we looked in north london but didn't find anything we fell in love with. we're moving later this week to our new flat in west london.
please do comment on the blog since you probably have either been to the places i write about or could be tempted to try them! would love to meet you at some point as well (once i've settled in) if you're up for that. nice to meet you virtually!

5:58 pm  
Blogger gs said...

nice to know that it is not all that craves for soups in such weather.butterbean soup in tomato broth looks and sounds good.lot of proteins,spiced tomato broth for taste and pita bread.voila,that's a lunch in itself.

6:15 am  
Blogger artismarti said...

hi lulu,

We live in Finchley Central. (Love the area.) You probably looked in the dodgy parts of North London (& there are several of those!). Where in West London are you based? I work in Acton so that's pretty much in the heart of the west.
Lived in San Fran? Wow! That's my dream retirement place. We did a small road trip there a couple of years back & I didn't want to leave. It's gorgeous.

I would definitely love to meet up with you. And if you need any help moving or settling in, then give me a shout.

I write a blog as well, although I'm not as prolific as you are. check it out at:


11:31 am  
Blogger Lulu said...

hi arti
thanks for your offer to help. i haven't been blogging this week because we just moved in. last night was our first night in my new place. i'm in kensington, between notting hill gate and high street kensington. i absolutely LOVE my new neighbourhood.
hope to meet you soon.

11:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, mate, I love THIS soup exactly. I've ate it just today. It's amazing piece of uncomplicated yet amazing cusine.

10:18 pm  

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