Saturday, June 24, 2006

taste of london 2006 in regent's park

my dear friend amy was in town last week and london's greatest food show happened to be on at regent's park! given how obsessed amy and i are about food, taste of london was the perfect way to spend an afternoon together enjoying food, wine and some absolutely splendid english weather.

taste of london is an annual food event sponsored by british airways. it attracts the city's most high-profile michelin-starred chefs and an amazing variety of food and wine exhibitors from around the world. this year there were over 40 restaurants that had booths at which you could sample three of their signature dishes. what a great way to sample the best of london! my favourite restaurants like fifteen, roka, cocoon and the cinnamon club were there and i discovered some new ones that i'm now dying to try like imli (indian), nahm (thai) and fino (spanish). the sheer diversity of cuisines reminded me of just how wonderfully eclectic london is and how much i'm in love with this city, especially the food scene!

amy and i had a blast discovering new foods, collecting all the zillion souvenirs that were being given away and generally indulging in one of our favourite passions in life.

we dragged our spouses from one booth to the other, not wanting to miss a single square meter of the floor plan or any of the refreshing cockatils on offer :)

the highlight was seeing gordon ramsay in person. we were hoping to catch his live cooking demonstration but the time we made our way to his booth, we had missed his show and a long queue of autugraph-hopeful fands had already formed. we stood on a chair not far from his table and managed to get a few close-ups of him but nothing much more exciting than that. i haven't yet seen his f-word show on bbc 4 which is airing this season and is extremely popular.

stay tuned for more highlights from taste of london 2006!


Blogger 30in2005 said...

We went to Imli on the suggestion of TIme Out magazine. Utterly useless food, small portions and all firangi-fied rather than authentic Indian. Even though I don't like it much, Masala Zone trumps Imli any day!

3:38 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

oops! that's a bit distressing to hear..have a reservation for 15 tomorrow night for a team celebration. the menu looked good and was very affordable. and the place looks rather contemporary. i'll keep my fingers crossed that my firangi colleagues enjoy the firangi-fied food more than i might :)

8:55 pm  

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