Sunday, July 30, 2006

beurre de cajou

as i write this post, i'm reminded of a quote from salvador dalí that i read about yesterday afternoon while exploring the dalí universe at the county hall gallery. it's something along the lines of judging a creative based on how much they inspire others rather than how much they are inspired themselves.

in the food blogging world, one of the many blogs that i get very inspired by is clotilde's chocolate and zucchini. this inspirational french food blogger constantly shares interesting and unusual food ideas that you just don't find in cookbooks or cooking magazines.

clotilde's recent post on beurre de cajou or cashew butter was so compelling that i rushed to my pantry to see if i had any cashew nuts or peanuts on stock because i wanted to make this butter immediately. i did have about a cup of unsalted cashews so i immediately roasted them for about five minutes at 400 degrees F in my toaster oven. i waited for the roasted nuts to cool for about ten minutes and then i put them in my food processor and started grinding.

the process of the nuts turning into butter is wonderfully magical. they first disintegrate into fine cashew dust and then slowly, as you keep grinding, the fine dust starts releasing the oil and all the powder starts sticking together to form a buttery texture. i suppose you can keep grinding till the butter is as smooth as you like but i quite like it a bit chunky so i stopped after a few minutes of the butter forming.

you can spread the cashew butter on your morning toast or use as a filling in a dessert crepe. it also makes a great spread on sliced apples. i'm going to try making peanut butter soon. i just can't imagine ever wanting to buy the commercial variety ever again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no clue you are such a foodie. And i love the way you describe the "nuts going butter" process.


5:05 pm  
Anonymous Geniequotes said...

The reference to the quote from Salvador Dali was quite refreshing.

Unfortunately not having shared the exact quotation you have denied us the pleasure of savouring his words.

It's like looking at a Black and White 'thumbnail' picture of Beurre de Cajou ONLY. And not being able to smell or taste the same.


PS: BTW, noticed that you don't quite like Capital letters.

PS2: I am sure you would have blosoomed since Apr'04.(That's the date when you last updated your profile pic)
You really like holding back.....

5:13 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

i've decided that you are a professional commenter! now you need to start a blog...

hi geniequotes,
nice to see you comment on my blog. knowing who you are, your comments are even more hilarious!!! come visit london if you want to see a "blossomed lulu" :)

10:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried Almond butter? That's absolutely scrumptious. Tried it once and I was hooked, always have some in the fridge.

Of course being a lazy butt I have'nt actually made any myself.

4:10 pm  
Anonymous Geniequotes said...

Talking about 'Have you tried?....
a pop quiz here...

While discussing the delicious 'spread' on the table at a San Jose restaurant, who asked the group, 'Have you had American? '....

b4 somebody terms me as an MCP, the other ladies at the table did not object to that and we all had a hearty laugh...

Lulu the-next-Martha-Stewart, just curious why the found the remark on the blossomed you hilarious.
You could have easily avoided my trip to London had you planned you recent Bangalore trip better.

9:03 am  
Blogger Lulu said...

i love almond butter as well. how can you go wrong with any butter ;)

hi jeans,
i had no idea you moved to bangalore! when did that happen? are you all shadhi shudha or what?!!

8:57 pm  
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