Sunday, March 19, 2006

shopping at the farmer's market, kensington

why go all the way to borough or brixton when there is a lovely farmer's market in my very own area? especially when it's a cold saturday and the wind feels glacial! i recently heard about the saturday morning farmer's market in kensington which is set-up in the parking lot behind waterstone's at notting hill gate, just off kensington church road, and is open between 9 am and 1 pm. i didn't want to buy too many fresh fruits and vegetables this week as i'm leaving for frankfurt this afternoon and won't be back till later in the week. i focused on finding a few interesting foods that can last a lot longer.

a beautiful jar of goat cheese with cloves and red chillis caught my attention at first glance. on chatting with the owner of the cheese stall, i learnt about the healthful properties of goat cheese with its low fat and cholestrol content. i also liked the idea of having cheese on hand always. i was told that this jar would last upto six months. look for many goat cheese recipes!

i was also very tempted to buy many jars of various garlicky spreads from the garlic farm but restrained myself to a single purchase - a sharp tasting garlic horseradish mustard which i think would be lovely on toasted bread with eggs.

Garlic Farm's stall at the Kensington Farmer's Market

i then made my way towards holland park avenue to seek out this no-name fruit and vegetable merchant on clarendon road which many of my neighbours rave about. after asking a few people, i was able to find this tiny shop tucked away in a small gulley, away from the main road.

The best fruit and vegetable merchant off Holand Park Avenue on Clarendon Road

what's most special about this store is that you are attended to individually and can be assured of the choicest selection of hand-picked fruits and vegetables you desire. you queue up and wait to be served and then you can take your own sweet time with the expert attendant helping you, picking all the produce to your hearts content. from mangoes and papayas to rhubarb and leeks, lingonberries and strawberries to jerusalem artichokes and turnips, you can find just about every fruit or vegetable. i was a bit disappointed that they didn't stock fresh curry leaves but the owner promised to have them for me next saturday. now that's personal service.

i walked through holland park on my way home enjoying a bit of sunshine despite the chill. it was a beautiful walk through this woody park which is considered one of the most natural and peaceful parks in london.

if you like, check out the photos from my food shopping trip and walk through holland park on my way home yesterday.


Blogger Kay said...

How nice to have a farmer's amrket nearby! The park looks lovely too.

7:02 pm  
Blogger chris san francisco said...

Hi Lulu,

I love catching up on your adventures in London via your blog. Sounds like your enjoying life (and the food. . . !). Ken and I were just in NY. We missed being able to catch up with you and H. We went to Amma one night and thought about you (we had the bhel puri in your honor!).

Take care,

12:47 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

hi chris,
so great to hear from you. i met mark k yesterday in frankfurt and we were remembering you fondly!pls do give my love to ken as well.
i miss amma. the dinner i had with you was one of the best meals at which the wine pairing with the indian food was specatular. thanks for intorducing me to that restaurant. and also very sweet of you to have bhel puri in my honour :) you know, i haven't had bhel since i moved to london. now i'm really craving bhel...

4:21 pm  

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