Sunday, April 09, 2006

paris diary: un petit quiz

i just got back from three wonderful days in paris. it's got to be the greatest city on earth for food lovers. from an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetable shops to boulangeries, pattisseries, chocolatiers and fromageries on every corner, the sheer variety and richness of food that the parisiens have access to on a DAILY basis is to die for! for three full days in paris, we did little else other than eat and food shop all weekend long. luckily it was my birthday and h had no option but to indulge my every desire :)

before i blog all about paris, un petit quiz for you. the photo above was taken on the champs elysees. i was first totally captivated by the photo and then totally surprised. can anyone guess who it is? i might even have un petit cadeau for the first correct answer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its Aishwarya Rai.

1:01 am  
Anonymous Deepa said...

apni, Aishwarya Rai, ofcourse:-)

2:57 am  
Blogger Menu Today said...

Hello Lulu,
happened to come across your blog.
Pl see my Meme post in which I have tagged you.

4:19 am  
Blogger Sandhya said...

Aishwarya Rai! I've seen the ad with her face in magazines here.
Belated Happy Birthday Lulu! I'm glad you had a lovely day. I hope the same is true for your husband too ;). May you have many more lovely (foodie) birthdays.

5:31 am  
Blogger gs said...

i had a choice between aishwarya and lara.i will go with the janata.and pitch for aishwarya.

8:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'happy tu you lulu mashi' says g. happy b'day lools. and it's ash, she is the face of that brand, which now owns the body shop. do you think that will dent the body shop's image?

11:47 am  
Anonymous Sushma Shinde said...


It's Aishwarya Rai. How can anyone miss that lip structure!! It's not Lara Dutta as gs said because Lara I guess is the ambassador for Garnier or quelque chose comme ├ža..

Belated Birthday wishes BTW. I found your blog last Friday and liked it a lot.

Take care,

12:10 pm  
Blogger Luv2cook said...

As everyone said, Aishwarya Rai. I heard from a friend who was on a vacation to Italy that the inflight magazine for some airlines (do not remember which one) had a cover story about Aishwarya Rai. The magazine had a full picture of her on the cover!

5:24 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

wow, didn't realise this would be so easy. seems like some of you may have seen this campaign. it was just amazing for me to see an indian woman's face on champs elysees promoting one of the most prestigious beauty brands in the world. aish has really given a new face to india. though it would be interesting to see how many french people see her as indian.

rums, on the subject of body shop. i am very sad that l'oreal bought body shop. it totally ruins the body shop image, in my opinion. the body shop emodied such an important philosophy - everything the company did embodied that. i'm not sure that l'oreal can stay true to body shop's core values. it just doesn't ring true. i predict a snapple-like demise for body shop.

11:53 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

hi menu today,
thanks for the tag. will try to get to this meme later this week.

11:54 pm  
Blogger Lulu said...

oh, i forgot to mention that the prize goes to deepa since anonymous didn't leave a name. i have a delicious bar of chocolate from france for you. please email your full address to to claim your prize. congrats!

11:56 pm  
Blogger gs said...

that was a tough quiz.unless you know it,it is very difficult to identify that ad with aishwarya.yes,l'oreal and indianish face so aishwarya would be a roundaboutway to arrive at the correct answer.anyway congrats to deepa for winning the chocobar.please have more such quizes,lulu.

1:18 am  
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