Tuesday, April 11, 2006

paris diary: crêpe au chocolat

h had to spend all friday afternoon at his firm's paris office so i had the afternoon to myself. i decided to go to the pigalle/montmartre area. it's a tourist trap but i wanted to experience what it would be like to go back to the spots that i frequented as a student in paris. besides, i was dying to indulge in a crêpe au chocolat and sip hot tea while soaking up the artisty vibe that this neighbourhood exudes.

i like crêpe suzette and crêpe au chocolat the best of all even though most of the good cafes in paris offer a wide variety of savoury and sweet crêpes. after dinner i prefer crêpe suzette which is usually soaking in brandy and grand marnier. i just love the candied orange or lemon rind that comes as garnishing. but in the afternoons, i really love digging into the nutella in my crêpe au chocolat which had just the right touch of sweetness and the right amount of chocolate.

the neighbourhood was as interesting and colourful as i remembered it. although there were more foreigners than french people, it was still great to be in the place that once attracted the greatest literary geniuses of the century like sarte and de beauvoir. i soaked up the atmosphere and started dreaming of books i wanted to write and paintings i wanted to create ...


Blogger gs said...

i have had crepe suzette in france during my last visit as a dessert and i liked it too.it is usually flamed in alcohol.i think it had a cognac flavour.

1:07 am  
Anonymous payal said...

hi lulu,
great pics! sounds like you had a great afternoon soaking in the vibe. SO glad to read your post on crepes. also looks like you experienced decent weather in paris (feels like we haven't seen the sun in the bay area in ages!).

3:43 am  
Anonymous Deepa said...

Ummm, that loos yummy! Those checked wicker chairs are so typical of Parisian Cafes and so cheerful to look.

And BTW,Thanks for the prize, Lulu.

6:02 am  
Blogger lostandfound said...

Got your voice mail.Was in Kerala/Bangalore and just landed back in Paris last evening.
whats your e-mail address?
Prochaine fois.

a bientot

2:16 pm  

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