Monday, August 07, 2006

paris diary: haagen dazs on champs-elysées

i know this sounds terribly clichéd but you must indulge at haagen daz on the champs-elysées when in paris. yes, it is touristy. yes, it's crowded. yes, it's expensive. but it is so worth it. it's just one of those experiences that you don't think twice about because all that chocolate and all that sugar and all that full fat milk and all that cream is oh so good and you feel terribly chic despite the expanding waistline that awaits.


Blogger Mimi said...

This post remindes me of all the thursday lunch hours I'd spend with my friend Charlotte, we'd go out and buy a pint of hagan daaz from the local amish market and devour it together while overlooking the new york harbor and statue of liberty..expanding waist that reminds me i have a little date with the tredmill tonight ;*) ciao xx

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