Wednesday, August 23, 2006

yellow squash kootu/curry

i made ratatouille last weekend and didn't end up using all the squash i had bought at the market. so i browsed through my favourite food blogs to find a suitable recipe. priya's post on yellow squash kootu curry caught my fancy so i gave it a try last night.

it's a very simple recipe but the chana daal takes a while to cook in the pressure cooker and you need a hand blender to whiz up the cooked dal. also, the squash can end up being a bit bitter so cook well till it gets soft and a bit mushy.

the coconut, cumin and green chillie paste is what gives the dish its distinctive flavour so don't skimp on the freshness of the ingredients, especially the coconut. my favourite part of making this dish was grinding the coconut paste - i just love the fresh and spicy aromas that fill the kitchen.

enjoy the kootu with rice or chapatis.


Blogger gs said...

this kootu is also one of my favourites. i enjoy eating it with rice and rasam.

2:17 am  
Anonymous Priya said...

Iam glad you liked this kootu Lulu !
My favorite is this kind of kootu with chayote or yellow squash (in a thicker consistency) with poondu rasam sadham/rice.

5:33 am  
Blogger beth said...

Wow. This looks fab! Please share your ratatouille recipe as well.

12:18 am  

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