Saturday, September 23, 2006

amalfi coast diary: marecoccola resort

if you're planning a holiday in the amalfi coast, the sorrento peninsula is a good base from which to explore the campania region of italy. napoli is an hour's drive, mount vesuvius and pompeii are about half an hour and positano and the rest of the costa amalfitana are about twenty minutes away. additionally, you have easy access to the wonderful islands of ischia and capri from sorrento.

mareccola resort would be my recommendation. it's like staying at the farmhouse of a close family friend who happens to have a sprawling estate on the top of the sorrento peninsula with unbelievable vistas of the amalfi coast. this is where you want to come to escape the urban grind and be closer to nature and all the bounties she has to offer. everything cooked at the restaurant is only from produce grown on the farm. even wine is produced here.

the resort organises hiking trips and boat trips. if you're feeling up to some activity but don't want to leave the premises, there's a gorgoeus pool where you can catch-up on exercise before you consumer more calories at the sumptious dinner spread.

you can rent an entire cottage to yourself or just get a bedroom with a terrace. just picture yourself sipping hot coffee early in the morning watching the sun rise as the day comes alive or sharing a glass of champage with a loved one watching the sun set and the gorgeous colours of the sky and the sea making you oblivous to everything else in the world.


Blogger cucina testa rossa said...

the pictures are beautiful! my grandfather is from Ishcia and i am embarassed to say i've never been there. after seeing these, now i really must go!

11:45 am  
Blogger Lulu said...

thanks, L. i'd recommend a trip to italy any day!

9:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging from these pictures, Amalfi is to die for. Truly lovely pictures, Lulu and a wonderful commentary. I have enjoyed our virtual trip to Italy through your blog, thanks!

1:19 pm  

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