Sunday, September 17, 2006

goodbye sardinia, hello amalfi coast!

after five wonderful days in sardinia, we set sail on a diamaio line
ship from olbia to salerno. it was an overnight journey which took twelve hours but was quite a novel experience as neither h nor i had ever traveled by ship. we were the only foreigners on board and nobody spoke english so we had to get by on our minimal italian.

as our ship set sail for mainland italy, we spent all evening on the ship deck waving goodbye to sardinia where we had created such wonderful memories. i saw one of the most spectacular sunsets in my life while we pulled away from sardinia - what a fitting goodbye to a spectacular holiday in sardinia.


Blogger Kalyn said...

Really great photo of the sunset. I wish I could go there right now!

4:35 pm  
Anonymous Hema said...

Awesome picture!! I have been followinf you on your food adventures from Manhattan and could not resist commenting!!!

2:29 pm  

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