Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sunday jazz brunch at chutney mary

my friends and colleagues often ask me for indian restaurant recommendations in london. chutney mary in chelsea is always on top of my list. i've been there thrice now and each time has been more memorable than the previous one.

h and i treated my mother (who is visiting from bombay) to a jazz brunch at chutney mary on sunday. amma was totally awed by the ambience from the minute we stepped and were greeted by a very elegant and cheerful cane sofa with lots of silk cushions. it wasn't long till we were shown to our table in the conservatory downstairs but it was just enough time to admire the interiors and set high expectations of the meal to follow.

we opted for a simple three course lunch menu for just £20 each which i thought was such great value, especially for such a high end establishment.

aaloo tikki with sprouts and tamarind chutney was the starter:

this was followed by a hearty vegetarian platter consisting of paneer makhani, dal tadka, saag and baingan curry. this was accompanied by black dal, naan with raisins and almonds, cheese naan and steamed basmati rice:

for dessert, you had to choose between mango panacotta, mango sorbet and green apple sorbet:

we listened to live jazz all through lunch and watched the rain heavily pelting down on the glass windows of the conservatory. what a perfect (and dry) way to spend an otherwise cold, wet and grey london afternoon.

ps - i'm getting a bit depressed by the london weather. any suggestions for cheering up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

suggestions for ignoring a drizzly day:

1. the times 50th london film festival
3. robert wilson ceylon tea
4. poker
5. music by dire straits

12:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lulu, I have heard of "Chutney Mary" but never visited, your post sure makes me want to!

Sorry about the English weather - why don't you make a quick trip to Toronto? We're having really nice Fall weather at the moment and I know this really nice restaurant called "Jikhonee", (Indian-African Ismaeli cuisine) that I could take you to! :)

11:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me weird, but i absolutely love rain. Nothing gives me more pleasure than cuddling up in a razai with a steaming hot cup of coffee and a lovely book, while it's raining outside. But that's with monsoon season in India.

I'm so sorry i can't help. No idea what it's like in London with all that rain everyday. How about listening to some funky music in gloomy weather? Or a creative hobby? You can put a scrapbook together with your travel experiences. Or chill out with some hot bhajjis & chai!


3:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu:

I Love the rain but,there are times when even I get depressed by the mere sight of it...I often listen to the Santoor while it pours outside..and try to read. Your mom's visiting so,why not make some hot,fried savouries and watch a nice movie? or better yet,take a drive in the countryside? It looks beautiful when it rains!
Hope your spirits lift up soon my dear!


2:29 am  
Blogger beth said...

Oooh. wish I had time to try Chutney Mary before heading to NYC. I'll put it on my list for my return!

Ways to cheer up in spite of the London weather:

1. Baking! Fill your home with yummy aromas.
2. Books on tape. (I've been raiding iTunes lately.)
3. Those giant slides at the Tate Modern.
4. Throw a dinner party! If Josh is cooking, he'll make Chinese food that could feed an army--if it's me, it tends to be French (in my own fashion)--google Ina Garten's glazed shallots recipe. Yum!


9:26 am  
Blogger lulu said...

hi kobial
thanks for all the fab suggestions. going to check out a film at gate cinema tomorrow night and listening to dire straits now :)
poker is a good suggestion as well. haven't played since i moved from new york but there's always ultimate bet.

hi lotus reads,
i did make a trip to toronto once about five years agoi as i have an unt there. it was so pretty in the autumn. a bit far away now but thanks nonetheless. the restaurant sounds very intriguing..

nice to hear from you after ages! but i don't blame you. can only imagine how busy your life must be given you're a nursing student plus have to manage two kids! also saw that you started a food blog. congrats! look forward to keeping in touch via our blogs.

hi sandhya
hot bhajjis and chai sounds perfect! i'm going to borough market today so will pick up some veggies to make bhajis!

hi beth
so many lovely suggestions. i must check out books on tape. believe it or not, i was actually looking through some of my cookbooks today for something i can bake!
an dthe tate - yes, i've been meaning to go there. made it for kandinsky and for rosseau before that but am yet to see the giant slides.
dinner party sounds like a great idea as well.

thanks again everyone for cheering me up big time!

11:24 am  
Blogger gs said...

lulu,try mozh kali.i ask gb to prepare it when my battery is down.and i assure you it makes a great difference to your mood.whenever my dad had a headache my mom would prepare mk and the headache would disappear in a jiffy.if it is continuously raining and you feel depressed this is the right antidote.

2:22 am  
Blogger Mallika said...

This is the second comment I'm leaving today!! I love your blog...

Last year my hubby and I suffered so much from the bad weather that this year we've booked two long holidays of 5 weeks in total. One to Calcutta in India, where I'm from, and one to Peru, where he's from.

I reckon there's only one way to survive this dark miserable weather and it's to go somewhere sunny and HOT!

Hope you feel better soon...

2:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful meal!
My sister lives in Leeds and she often visits London. I have to show her this post, she is going to love visiting this restaurant.

About weather, same here in Seattle. I never knew the skies could be this gray.:) Blog hopping is keeping me warm when I am totally bored with the real life stuff.


5:32 am  
Blogger lulu said...

hi mallika
nice to meet you virtually. thanks for your tips!

hi indira,
nice to hear from you in ages. sorry that i haven't yet replied to your email as yet either. been a bit snowed under with work. looks like you are enjoying life on the west coast and the move has worked out well. i'm so jealous of how close to pike place market you are!!

11:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lulu

Must make a trip to Cutney Mary, sounds devine. Next time you are feeling miserable, let me know. Hey come and visit myself and Jyostna, I will make bhajais and theplas, whilst you girls chill out.


10:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raining? do what i do.

Stay indoors and make Bread

1:17 am  
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