Friday, April 14, 2006

paris diary: camembert

i love camembert cheese. though it is now widely made all over the world, the original camembert comes from pays d'auge in normandy where it is handmade from raw cow's milk. the cheese is soft and creamy with a herby aroma and a distinctive tangy taste.

i went to cafe trocadero in paris where i ordered a plate of camembert and a half bottle of champagne. we got a nice chunk of cheese and a basket of freshly baked baguette. i've usually only had cheese platter so it was nice to focus on just one cheese and truly savour the aromas and flavours. now i feel confident enough to identify camembert in a blind taste test!


Blogger Mimi said...

Ahh..The power of cheese!;-D i'm glad to see that you made it home safely and I'm also very proud of your new found ability to identify cemembert! Cheers love. xx -M

p.s. I've updated my blog, visit for an overview of India fashion week. It's exhausting since there were 2 fashion weeks with over 50 shows each! You must have heard about the scandal in India over it. I've just begun so stay tuned.<3 M

3:54 pm  
Blogger gs said...

i liked mimi's blog.visited it and got a great view of the latest in fashion from india .lulu,have you heard of 'wardrobe malfunction'?

4:14 pm  

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